WEST BANK VIOLENCE: Israeli Forces Kill Two Teenage Palestinian Protestors, Man Drives Car Into Israeli Soldiers

Ryan Holt
06 February 2020

A violent 24 hours of clashes and terror attacks.

Israeli forces shot and killed 17 year old Palestinian Mohammed al-Hadad, who was among a goup of protestors in the West Bank Wednesday night. Witnesses say he was killed protesting in Hebron, a city in the West Bank. Israeli spokesman's office said that al-Hadad was among a group of demonstrators who were throwing rocks and "hurled a molotov cocktail" at Israeli forces.

On Thursday morning, in the West bank city of Jenin, a 19 year old Palestinian died during a confrontation with Israeli troops, with six others being injured in the encounter.

Also, a Palestinian man drove his car into a group of Israeli soldiers, injuring 12, 1 in critical condition. The troops were walking near the entertainment district of Jerusalem when they were assaulted by the vehicle. The Israeli military reports that the suspect fled the scene and that Israeli forces are currently searching for the suspect. Spokesman for the military described the incident as a "terrorist attack."

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A surge of violence has escalated in the days since the Trump administration and Israel announced a Mideast plan, which was immediately met with hostility from the Palestinians. The plan has been criticized as heavily favoring Israel and not going far enough to prevent future expansion settlements.

Israeli nationalists are pushing for further annexation of the West Bank, arguing that it would de-escalate violence if not shared with Palestinians. The new Mideast plan has been deemed as unrealistic by critics.

Ryan Holt, The Divide
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