Paris, France: 40% of criminals are foreign-born

Ryan Holt
16 February 2020

President Macron has recently started taking action on the migrant crisis.

Crime statistics published by French news agency Le Figaro reported that about 40% of suspects in crimes are born outside of France. Some parts of Paris see higher percentages, with as much as 47% of crimes being committed by foreigners.

The number of foreign-born criminals in Paris is twice the percentage of the rest of France, which is about 20%

Migrant-heavy areas have seen a general increase in crime, with some crimes, such as pickpocketing, nearly doubling in the last few years.

Last year, The Telegraph reported that the number of illegals in just one Paris suburb was estimated to be around 400,000, with tents and makeshift shelters lining the streets.

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In October, The Daily Mail reported a violent crime surge of 70% in Paris, also based on crime statistics published by Le Figaro.

President Macron has recently taken measures to address problems with migrants. Last year, Macron said he wanted to push for skill and labor-focused immigration only. In November he put measures in place to clear illegal migrant camps throughout major cities in France. The illegal camps are estimated to have over 3,000 migrants living among them. He has also limited access to government assistance for asylum seekers.

Ryan Holt, The Divide
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